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Our standard procedure is below:

1. Applicant submits the application on our website  along with complete set of documents requested (please see below).

2. Banque de Paris reviews the request and either accepts or rejects the transaction.

3. Agreement is executed between client and Banque de Paris if required.

4. Upon client’s approval and mutual agreement on terms of issuance (SWIFT/processing fee if any), Banque de Paris causes the issuance of the instrument.

5. After successful delivery, full payment of the issuance cost is due within number of business days agreed between both parties.

NOTES: KYC and complete set of documents to be submitted include but are not limited to:

1. Registration document or Certificate of Incorporation of the applicant company.

2. Passport copy of the principal and list of shareholders.

3. Proposed verbiage if any.

4. Purpose of the transaction with supporting documents [copies of contracts, SPAs, pro-forma invoices, executive summary, etc.]

5. Filled out Application on Banque de Paris website

6. Signed and Notarized Indemnity agreement (provided after transaction is approved).

If delivery of the instrument is done by SWIFT, there might be a SWIFT advising fee that needs to be paid before message is sent . The fee amount and issuance rate shall be determined after you submit the application.