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SBLC - Standby Letter of Credit

For clients seeking credit enhancement or additional collateral to gain access to credit facilities, whether it is an infrastructure, real estate or oil/gas project, we issue and facilitate issuance of credit enhancement instruments including Standby Letters of credit (SBLC) and Guarantees (BG) via SWIFT MT760.

DLC - Documentary Letter of Credit

Our primary goal is to facilitate physical movement of goods internationally. We are able to finance different cycles of the trade transaction and issue or facilitate issuance of trade finance instruments including Documentary Letters of Credit (DLC) via SWIFT MT700 or MT710.​

Project Funding and Joint Ventures

Banque de Paris is interested in getting into joint venture projects with its clients where our team sees an opportunity for long-term mutually beneficial relationship. We undertake a case-by-case approach when it comes to opportunities where Banque de Paris becomes a shareholder or a partner within the scope of the project.

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